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Doreen Collins with Sculpture

Posters and Greeting Cards

Some of Doreen's paintings are now available as posters and greeting cards.

See Maurice Collins Collection for more information

"Moving the Line"

Being trained as a sculptor I found that my style was always a question of breaking up the surface into different forms very influenced by cubism which I have always found fascinating creative and exciting.

Drawing has always been the basis for my work and the beginning of a dynamic feeling of rhythm and movement as with the Head of Bertice Reading IM A WOMAN W.O.M.A.N. (Royal Academy Summer Exhibition l984)

I did drawings during rehearsals and used all the various views of her face in one complete Head so that at every turn there she was. Reassembling my visions of anything both in my sculpture and now painting, it is important to me that the feeling of "being there" comes across to the viewer that there is a presence.

Rhythm and flow are two very important components. I moved into painting in 1992 I found colour very liberating. The fascination of the shapes behind, shadows and different depths and lines that can sometimes zoom across, and then disappear into the background.

Themes of popular culture feature in my work. The Southbank "skateboarders" and the "Double Tango" Bank Holiday dancing in Regents Park find Expressionist echoes and are suffused with dynamism and a Futurist sense of speed.

I work in pastel a great deal "Kings Head Musicians" was a pastel of the musicians accompanying Bertice Reading (Jazz singer) at that venue.

  • Trained at Chelsea School of Art, Sculpture under Jack Mathews
  • Exhibited sculpture at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition (1979 1991)
  • Exhibited at other galleries and business exhibitions created sculpture in bronze limited editions and cast stone
  • Sold work from all the editions in the UK and America also pastels and water colours
  • New work currently in oils and water colour
Sadly, Doreen died on 1 June 2010. There will be a retrospective exhibition of her work at the Highgate Literary Society from Friday 27 May 2011 which will run for 7 days (exhibition closed Monday).